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Homework Policy

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To outline to our school community the Department’s and Western English Language School’s policy requirements relating to homework.


This policy applies to students in all year levels and staff responsible for setting and monitoring homework at Western English Language School.


Western English Language School has developed this Homework Policy in consultation with the school council to support student learning and wellbeing by:

  • providing opportunities for students to review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills
  • providing opportunities for students to apply new knowledge
  • providing opportunities for students to prepare for future lessons
  • encouraging students to enrich or extend knowledge individually, collectively and imaginatively
  • fostering good lifelong learning and study habits
  • supporting learning partnerships with parents/carers.


Homework is tasks assigned to students by teachers that are meant to be carried out during non-school hours.


At Western English Language School all homework set by teachers will be:

  • purposeful
  • curriculum-aligned
  • appropriate to students’ skill level and age
  • designed to help students develop as independent learners
  • monitored by the teacher
  • where appropriate, provide opportunities for parents/carers to partner in their child’s learning.

The types of homework that teachers at Western English Language School will include are:

  • completing consolidation exercises for mathematics
  • completing science investigation exercises
  • practising spelling words
  • practising words/phrases learnt in a language other than English
  • reading background material for a subject
  • reading English texts prior to class discussion
  • reading for pleasure
  • researching topics associated with set class work
  • revising/preparing for tests
  • applying new skills to home context such as:
    • reviewing their favourite film or book
    • writing a diary entry
  • engaging with parents in learning activities such as:
    • rehearsing a presentation with parent/carers, and seeking their feedback
    • interviewing a family member as part of a research project.


Homework is a shared responsibility between the school, teachers, students and their parents/carers. In order to get the most out of homework tasks, it is important that everyone understands their obligations and responsibilities.

Responsibilities and expectations for leaders at Western English Language School are to:

  • advise teachers, students and parents/carers of homework expectations at the beginning of the school year and provide them with access to the homework policy.

Responsibilities and expectations for teachers at Western English Language School are to:

  • set homework that is curriculum-aligned and appropriate to the student’s skill level and age
  • ensure homework tasks are purposeful – this means they are deliberately designed and planned to support student learning (so, they are not ‘busy work’ or where students ‘finish off’ work they did/could not complete in class)
  • assess homework and provide timely and practical feedback
  • ensure the amount of homework set supports a student to engage with a range of recreational, family and cultural activities outside of school hours
  • offer opportunities for families to engage in their children’s learning.

Responsibilities and expectations for students are:

  • being aware of the school’s homework policy
  • discussing homework expectations with their parents/carers
  • accepting responsibility for the completion of homework tasks within set time frames
  • following up on comments made by teachers
  • seeking assistance when difficulties arise
  • organising their time to manage home obligations, participation in physical activity and sports, recreational and cultural activities and part-time employment (for older students).

Responsibilities and expectations for parents/carers are:

  • ensuring there is a balance between the time spent on homework and recreational, family and cultural activities
  • talking to teachers about any concerns they have about the homework
  • discussing homework with their child in their first language, if English is not the main language spoken at home,
  • in dialogue, linking homework to:
    • previous experiences the child and/or parent/carer may have had
    • family culture(s), history(ies) and language(s)
    • relevant services, clubs, associations and community.
  • ensuring there is a quiet study area for their child to complete homework.


Western English Language School understands that students have different learning strengths, preferences and interests and may approach learning activities and homework differently. If parents/carers are concerned their child may not understand the homework tasks that have been set or is spending a long period of time completing their homework, we encourage parents/carers to speak to their child’s teacher.


Policy last reviewed 15 June 2023
Consultation School Council
Approved by Acting Principal
Next scheduled  review date June 2026

This policy has a mandatory review cycle of 3-4 years.

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