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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I tell if a student is newly arrived to the country?

Newly arrived families must provide details of passports and visas so that the school can determine the student’s date of entry into Australia.


2. How can I tell if a student is eligible to attend Western English Language School?

The Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Education and Training (DET) regularly send information regarding eligible visa categories for enrolment into English Language Schools and Centres. Enrolment officers at the English Language Schools will be able to tell you whether or not students are eligible to attend. Further information about eligibility can be found at the Department of Education and Training.

All schools also receive information with regard to eligibility of students at English Language Schools and Centres in Victoria.


3. The student has some understanding of English already – should they attend the language school?

If newly arrived students are eligible to attend, they should sit for the English Language Assessment provided by Western English Language School. Their level of attainment on the English Language Assessment determines whether or not they need to attend.


4. Are there any time limits on when ESL/EAL students can enrol?

Newly arrived students who are eligible to attend can enrol at Western English Language School soon after they arrive in Australia.

For students enrolling in Prep, there is a time limit of 18 months from the date of arrival in Australia. For all other students, there is a time limit of 6 months from the date of arrival in Australia.


5. How do I get an English Language Assessment completed for a student?

Newly arrived families should make appointments to meet with enrolment officers from Western English Language School. The enrolment officers will conduct English Language Assessments and inform parents or guardians and referring schools about the results of the assessments.


6. Can you recommend any useful resources to assist with a student in my class?

Mainstream teachers should refer to the DET website for useful materials for EAL students in their classes. The most useful starting point for teachers is to refer to the EAL Companion to the English AUSVELS.



7. Can I enrol my son/daughter at your school before arriving into the country?

You must already be in Australia to enrol your child at Western English Language School.


8. Does your school accept international fee-paying students?

Western English Language School regularly accepts international fee-paying students after students have enrolled with the International Branch of DET.


9. Is there a uniform for your school?

Students at the Braybrook and Wyndham locations are required to wear a uniform, which consists of either a red or a blue windcheater and a red, white or blue shirt. Uniforms can be purchased from the school.

Students who attend other locations wear either the Western English Language School uniform or the uniforms of the local schools.


10. How will I know when my son/daughter is ready to leave the language school?

Your child may either be entitled to a six month or twelve month intensive English program at WELS, depending on your visa category. You will be asked to attend a parent interview with teachers where you will receive information about your child’s progress and the likely date of exit from the English Language School.

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