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Myki Cards

Some students may be eligible to request a Student Concession Card. This can be used with your Myki card to travel to and from school at a reduced price.

Requesting a card

To request a Student Concession Card you must:

  • live more than 4.8km from the school location you attend.
  • be able to prove residence in Victoria.

For more information about eligibility visit Public Transport Victoria.

In order to process your application you will need to provide the school with:

  • 2 passport photos.
  • A valid Health Care Card or evidence that you currently hold a permanent visa.

There is a $9 processing fee for the Student Concession Card.

Using your card

  • A concession card is the photo identification of the student that can be used for 1 year and expires in February every year.
  • A half-yearly ticket is a 6 month ticket that can be used to travel to and from school on a bus, tram or train.
  • Students must validate the ticket in the machine every time on the bus, tram or train. Students must not lend tickets to their friends or family. They can get into trouble with the police and be fined.

Lost or damaged cards

  • Lost or damaged Myki or Student Concession cards must be reported to school.
  • Students have to pay for another card if lost or stolen.
  • A new card will need to be picked up from the railway station.
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