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First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy

Help for non-English speakers
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To ensure the school community understands our school’s approach to first aid for students.


First aid for anaphylaxis [and asthma when needed] are provided for in our school’s:


Western English Language School staff administer first aid to students at school or school activities.

Parents/carers should be aware that the goal of first aid is not to diagnose or treat a condition.


The principal ensures that all Campuses of Western English Language School have sufficient staff with the appropriate levels of first aid training to meet the first aid needs of the school community. Our school’s trained first aid officers are listed in our Emergency Management Plan (EMP).  Our EMP includes the expiry dates of the training. Western English Language School maintains a current register of staff trained in first aid including the training  expiry date.  It  is reviewed regularly and as staff undertake first aid  training or first aid  refresher training.

First aid kits

Western English Language School will maintain:

A major first aid kit is stored at Braybrook P-10 Campus, Wyndham Campus, Manor Lakes Campus, Melton Campus,  Footscray Campus, and St Albans Campus.

  • Braybrook campus: 1 portable kit in first aid room, 1 in school bus, 1 in science lab & 6 portable kits in front office for camps, excursions and yard duty
  • Wyndham Campus: 4 kits are held in the main admin office. They are kept in the bookshelf and 4 spares are kept in the locked first aid cupboard in the teacher prep room.
  • Manor Lakes Campus: 3 first aid kits at MLC stored in room next to the main office.
  • Footscray Campus: 1 first aid kit kept in office area and 2 potable ones are used for excursions, camps & yard duty
  • St Albans Campus: 1 portable first aid kit stored in office and another is obtained from St Albans Primary school and utilise first aid room there if required.
  • Melton Campus: 1 portable first aid kit stored in office and another is obtained from Melton Primary school and utilise first aid room there if required.

All sites have first aid kits to take on camps and excursions and use for yard duty

The PA to the Principal, Franca Rippingale, will be responsible for maintaining all first aid kits.

Care for ill students

Students who are unwell should not attend school.

If a student becomes unwell during the school day they may be directed to the sick bay and monitored by staff. Depending on the nature of their symptoms, staff may contact parents/guardians/carers or an emergency contact person to ask them to collect the student.

First aid room/sick bay area

Our school follows the Department’s policy and guidance in relation to our sick bay area to ensure it is safe, hygienic and appropriately equipped: First aid rooms and sick bays.

First aid management

If there is a situation or incident which occurs at school or a school activity which requires first aid to be administered to a student:

  • Staff who have been trained in first aid will administer first aid in accordance with their training. In an emergency situation, other staff may assist in the administration of first aid within their level of competence.
  • In a medical emergency, staff may take emergency action and do not need to obtain parent/guardian/carer consent to do so. Staff may contact Triple Zero “000” for emergency medical services at any time.
  • Staff may also contact NURSE-ON-CALL (on 1300 60 60 24) in an emergency. NURSE-ON-CALL provides immediate, expert health advice from a registered nurse and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If first aid is administered for a minor injury or condition, Western English Language School

will notify parents/guardians/carers by the office staff or a MEA in the language chosen by the family upon enrolment.

  • If first aid is administered for a serious injury or condition, or in an emergency situation, school staff will attempt to contact parents/guardian/carers or emergency contacts as soon as reasonably practical.
  • If staff providing first aid determine that an emergency response is not required but that medical advice is needed, school staff will ask parents/guardian/carers, or an emergency contact person, to collect the student and recommend that advice is sought from a medical practitioner.
  • Whenever first aid treatment has been administered to a student Western English Language School will:
    • record the incident on CASES21
    • if care was provided in response to a medical emergency or reportable incident, follow the Department’s Reporting and Managing School Incidents Policy, including reporting the incident to the Department’s Incident Support and Operations Centre on 1800 126 126 where required to under that policy.
  • In accordance with Department of Education and Training policy, analgesics, including paracetamol and aspirin, will not be stored at school or provided as a standard first aid treatments. This is because they can mask signs of serious illness or injury. For further information refer to the Department’s Policy and Advisory Library: Medication 


This policy will be communicated to our school community in the following ways:

  • Available publicly on our school’s website
  • Included in staff induction processes and staff training
  • Included in staff handbook/manual


This policy should be read in conjunction with the following Department policies and guidelines:

The following school policies are also relevant to this First Aid Policy:


Policy last reviewed 15 June 2023
Approved by Acting Principal
Next scheduled review date June 2026

This policy has a mandatory review cycle of 3-4 years

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