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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

Help for non-English speakers
If you need help to understand the information in this policy, please contact the school on 9311 9325

This policy sets out details for enrolment at Western English Language School (WELS). For more details on requirements for entry into Victorian government schools, including admissions, enrolments, the placement of students and transfers between schools, please see DET Enrolment Policy.


  • The Department of Education provides access to intensive EAL instruction for eligible students.
  • Students who have been assessed as eligible (see ‘Eligibility criteria’ below) typically attend WELS for between six and twelve months, depending on their educational background and/or refugee/humanitarian status.
  • WELS caters to students in need of an intensive EAL course residing in Melbourne’s South Western suburbs. Any eligible student for whom WELS is the closest Language School or Centre may enrol.


Enrolment referrals can be made by mainstream schools or the Department of Education and Training. Parents/carers may also contact the school directly.

  1. Check eligibility criteria (below). If you are unsure, please contact WELS.
  2. Contact the nearest WELS site to schedule an enrolment appointment.*
  3. Please bring your child’s documents to the enrolment appointment:

At the enrolment appointment, you will be guided through the enrolment process. WELS can usually provide an interpreter if necessary.

Your child will complete an English language assessment. The purpose of this is to ascertain their English-language level so we can best plan their teaching and learning program.

You do not need to complete an enrolment form before the enrolment appointment. However, the enrolment form can be downloaded here.


If you are eligible to attend WELS (see ‘Eligibility criteria’ below) and you are not an International Student, there are no tuition fees, however the following fees apply:

Uniform Varies depending on age or site
Myki Card Must reside more than 4.8 KMs from school and be SRP funded
Concession Card $9
Primary-aged students Classroom stationery $10 per term
Swimming program Usually runs twice a year. Costs vary at each WELS site depending on transportation costs
Secondary-aged students Book packs $30 one-off fee
Secondary activities for CSEF-ineligible students 1st child – $25 per term

2nd child – $20 per term

3rd child – $15 per term

4th and subsequent children – $10 per term



To be eligible to attend WELS (or other English language schools or centres or to participate in the Virtual New Arrivals Program), students must:

  • hold a visa that entitles them to enrol in a Victorian government school and that attracts Student Resource Package(SRP) funding
  • speak a language other than English as their main language at home
  • have a level of proficiency in English,  determined at the local level by a school or English language school, that requires intensive assistance to enable them to participate fully in mainstream classroom programs
  • begin at an English language school or centre or enrol in the VNAP
    • within 18 months of arrival in Australia, if entering Foundation year
    • within 6 months of arrival in Australia, if entering any other year of schooling
  • at the time of enrolling at WELS, be undertaking or intending to undertake primary or secondary education at a Victorian government school as soon as practicable after completing the course
  • be school-aged – at least 5 years old by April 30th in the year of enrolment and in most cases no older than 17 (exceptions and exemptions to the maximum age can be made in some circumstances; please contact WELS for details)


A student who has previously been enrolled in an intensive English language program in an English language school or centre or VNAP is eligible to re-enrol in an intensive English language program only when the student:

  • was enrolled in and attended a new arrivals program in the first instance for a minimum of one term; and
  • has been absent for a period of two years or more; and
  • during the period of absence was not resident in Australia, in education in another state or territory of Australia, or enrolled in education where English was the medium of instruction


Fee paying overseas students requiring an intensive English language course before entering mainstream classes can enrol in an English language school or centre to undertake such a course.

Students must enrol in a school through the International Student Program before enrolling in an English language school or centre.

For more information, refer to: International Student Program (ISP)


Parents/carers can appeal against the decision not to approve an enrolment. This can occur in relation to enrolments at any age or year level. Further information on appeals can be found at Enrolment: Enrolment in specialist schools |


This policy will be communicated to our school community in the following ways

  • Available publicly on our school’s website
  • Included in staff induction processes
  • Included in transition and enrolment packs


Policy last reviewed 15 June 2023
Approved by Acting Principal
Next scheduled review date July 2026

This policy has a mandatory review cycle of 3-4 years

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