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WELS offers a range of highly engaging books with achievable text content for early learners of English. Books are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. All proceeds benefit the students of the Western English Language School. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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WELS books have been specifically designed to suit EALD learners and are suitable for any students at the early stage of literacy development. They are filled with stunning wildlife photography and illustrations, and demonstrate various specific genres at a simple, appropriate level. WELS books have been written by teachers with years of experience teaching EALD (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) and mainstream Literacy Support. The illustrations and photographs have been specifically created/selected to better support those students who benefit from pictorial cues when making inferences. Books are classed as beginner or intermediate, and it is up your discretion to select the right level for your students. All WELS books have an engaging layout, with achievable vocabulary and sentence structure.


WELS books are enjoyed by students, as they include:

  • pictorial wordlists
  • labelled diagrams,
  • glossaries (in intermediate texts)

They are also helpful for educators, as they contain:

  • explanations of the genres
  • ‘how to use this book’ sections
  • functional grammar text-analyses
  • high frequency word lists
  • noun-group charts
  • process types
  • nominalisations
  • key language features

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